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Who deserves a second birthday?


If the Queen gets two birthdays, everyone else should too. Treat your loved ones like royalty and give them a present ‘just because.’

**This next bit needs to be said in your best toffee-nosed British accent**

“For the next 4 days we royally decree 70% off everything in our online store.”

Remember, you can buy now and create up to 2 months later.

Here are some gift ideas to get you started…

An Inspirational Quote
Something Artistic
A Holiday Snapshot
A Band Poster
Something Romantic


Hurry, the Royal Sale finishes on Monday night, 10/06/2013 at 11.59pm!


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Rating snippa.co.nz - 100%
Price -70% to their own prices, a bit higher than treatme promos - 95%
Retailer review snippa.co.nz - 100%



We tested ourselves and were very satisfied! Tip: Watch the How-to-order and -to-create-Video on the linked website!

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